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Prescott, Arizona has credit to be the foremost capital of Arizona. It was previously known as the Arizona territory and was formed in the year 1863. Phoenix may be the present capital and greatest city of Arizona. Neverheless, the real estate market of Prescott is unduly an ideal place for investments, since people all over…

Prescott, Arizona has credit to be the foremost capital of Arizona. It was previously known as the Arizona territory and was formed in the year 1863. Phoenix may be the present capital and greatest city of Arizona. Neverheless, the real estate market of Prescott is unduly an ideal place for investments, since people all over the world come here for reaping monetary profits.

This region also has generous historical value. It attracts worldwide tourists since the region is famous for ancient monuments and has featured in the prestigious National Register of Historic places. The province itself enterprises of five hundred and twenty five constructions stated in this register. Although multiple instances of Victorian architecture are still present in this region, it is not the only reason why this region is so popular. The actual reason of its popularity is its ultra Mid-western appearance, even though it is located in the Southwest region.

The regions in and around Prescott are called the “Quad Cities”. It enterprises of Chino Valley, Dewey, AZ, Prescott Valley and Prescott. This province falls easily among the most rapidly developing sectors in the entire state. The primary reason can be attributed to the suitable climatic conditions of the region. In Phoenix, it is comparatively cooler than other regions of the state. This region does not have extremely cold winter, as in Williams and Flagstaff that are located in northward. Thus this region is very comfortable and suitable for living.

Another rapid evacuation region of Arizona is Yavapai County. Prescott City is undisputedly the greatest urban sector of this county. Its development has been recorded as very stable, at around four per cent annually in the last ten years. This development is predicted to carry in this manner for the coming years. The residing population of this Quad-City region exceeds 100,000. The figure is expected to increase in the near future.

This sector has managed to set up a solid industry foundation. This is primarily due to the presence of local principal employers such as ACE Distribution, Wal-Mart, Prescott Unified School District, Yavapai County, Yavapai Regional Medical Center and Lockheed Martin. The weather conditions are very mild and favorable in this region. There are very few instances of natural calamities. These factors make it an ideal location for setting up an IT hub. This in turn attracts many businesspersons and entrepreneurs to set up their industries and factories here.

There are many people who want to relocate to a region of the real estate market of the Prescott, Arizona. They can avail many facilities found in this region for their family. For instance, children have many options to receive high quality education. There are many reputed and acclaimed educational institutions here also. These include Prescott High School, Abia Judd Elementary, Tri-City Prep High School, Taylor Hicks Elementary, Granite Mountain Middle School and Washington Traditional School. Most of these schools have gained place in the “Excelling” group that is decided by the Department of Education. With respect to colleges the Yavapai College is in greatest demand. It has many campuses located within this belt. Around nine thousand candidates take admission here every semester annually. This reflects the popularity and high reputation of the colleges.

Prescott has received tremendous national recognitions. These may be enlisted as the following, in descending order of date –

o Augt'06- Money magazine Recognizes Prescott as among the five leading towns in an article having the title, “Best Places to Retire”.

o June'06- MSN Real Estate mentions this belt among one of eight locations that US citizens want to stay at, due to its comparatively lower incidences of crime and deviant behavior, good educational facilities and booming economy. Citizens outside US also seek to relocate and get settled in this place.

o May'06- According to the INC Magazine, the region has featured in the category of twenty five small cities that are hot property and in great demand possessing employment strength of severely 150,000. This is quite a rarity.

o April'06- The National Trust for Historic Preservation selects the region among the Dozen Distinctive Destinations in the United States. It was also short listed amidty ninety-three locations from thirty-nine states that received a nomination for this category of award.

o March'06- Bottom Line enlists this belt among the seven Best Locations to Reside. This encouraged citizens from far and wide to relocate here.

o Feb '06 – Milten Institute accredits this region with an all-round ranking of the third spot in terms of 2005's finest performing Cities.

o January '06 – True West magazine recognizes the province among the leading ten towns of the Western region.

o Jan '06 -The Business Journal notes that although Prescott is more famous for its agriculture and historic value, it has ranked as fifth in terms of the survey that the American City Business Journals has carried out. Comprising a population of 100,000-500,000, the province had surpassed Phoenix by a consider margin. This is a great achievement.

o July '04 -An issue of the Business Week highlights this province among the best five 'Recreation Havens' of the United States. It reflects its rapid pace of development.

o '04 Boom Town USA- The 7 Ke Keys to Big Success in Small Towns “Recognizes Prescott among the best small cities of the nation.

o '04 – Many shows of various Cities ranked and rated, and even showcased this province as number six in terms of evolving and rapidly developing cities.

Thus, with its high standard of living combined with a favorable climate and small-town environment, this belt is unduly the most ideal location to stay with one's family. The citizens of this region avail multiple facilities that are available here and are similar to larger and more developed cities. This allows the region to maintain economic stability even during times of the nation's crises. One can say that Arizona Commercial Real Estate, located in Prescott, AZ, has a carved niche in the market of Quad-City.